The Start of Market is Quickly Approaching……A Few Quick Reminders

As you all know, the first 2011 Lemhi County Farmers’ Market date is scheduled for Saturday June 4th. This is just over a month away at this point!

We have added several new vendors to the market since we last met, and a 2nd vendor meeting is scheduled for Monday May 9th, which is detailed in the previous post. Aside from that, there are a couple of points I wanted to remind all of you about:

  • Personalized flyers are available again in 2011. Last year’s personalized LCFM flyers were reported to be a great promotional boost to the vendors who chose to have them made up! Once you have yours put together, these  flyers can be printed up and displayed prominently at your booth and handed out to customers who would like more information on your growing practices, artisan craftsmanship, or just your own unique story! Customers shopping at farmers’ markets want to support local people and know that the product they are buying is local, handmade or one-of-a-kind, so you can be prepared to inform them about your own contributions to the local economy and why your product is special! If you are interested in having a personalized flyer made up for your booth, we’ll need an eye-catching photo of your choice, as well as a description of your market business. You may also provide any contact information that you would like customers to have. The one-time fee for creating these flyers is $25 and an optional clear plastic display stand is an additional $3. You’ll need to allow a 2-week turn-around time on your individual flyer once we have all of the information. To view an example of one of last year’s flyers, click here.
  • Ready-eat-foods booths will require a bit more time for approval.  Those of you planning on serving ready-to-eat foods at your booths will still need to get a Temporary/Intermittent Event Food Service Application filled out and turned in to the Public Health District in the next week or two in order to allow enough time for approval prior to market start. There is also a $65 food license fee associated with this, and your farmers’ market stand any equipment may need to be inspected by a health dept. officer. The types of foods that will require this kind of approval are foods, other than home-baked goods, that will require several steps to prepare, will be cooked and served hot, or will include sliced, raw fruits and veggies. Basically, if you are planning on selling soups, sandwiches, and/or salads at market, specialty processed foods, canned or jarred foods, or if you want to serve samples of  tomatoes and/or melons, you will need to get the Temporary Event Food application completed and turned in. For more information on the guidelines you may contact the market manager, Rachel Layman at 208-993-1303, or to read about food safety guidelines for farmers’ markets in Idaho click here. Or, if you would like to contact our local health dept officer, Glenn Hugunin, you may reach him directly at 208-756-2122. He is available to answer any of your specific questions about food safety.

If you have any questions, or just need a little clarification on either of these matters, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 208-993-1303. I look forward to seeing many of our vendors at the next meeting on May 9th!


About Rachel Layman

Manager, Lemhi County Farmers' Market

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