Check Out the New Market “Barter Board!”

One new addition to the market this year is the “Barter Board,” located next to the manager table at the edge of the pavilion in the park. We have set this up as a centralized location for finding or distributing products that can’t necessarily be sold at market, like local meats or dairy, for example. You can jot down your contact info on the board (whether you’re in possession of or you’re looking for these items) and people walking past who see your note on the board can get in touch with you. It’s a handy way to make connections that might not otherwise be made!

So, we’ve made it through our 3rd Saturday this season without any seriously wet weather. It’s actually been miraculously warm and sunny. Let’s hope that good luck sticks around! We have quite a dazzling, colorful array of booths down in the park this summer, many of which combine both handmade crafts and agricultural items. I love that we have so many versatile individuals in this little community!

For the 3rd week in a row, all of our vendors who brought farm-fresh eggs to market have either sold out entirely or come close to it! There is definitely a demand for local eggs and produce on market Saturday, so anyone out there with any extra to sell would find it worthwhile to set up a table!

It’s a bit early in the growing season, so we’ve only seen smaller quantities of local produce like spinach, radish greens, chives, mint, rhubarb, and other assorted early items.

I gotta say, I cannot wait to get my hands on some purple string beans!


About Rachel Layman

Manager, Lemhi County Farmers' Market

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