National Farmers Market Week 2011

This weekend, we celebrated National Farmers Market Week with an impressive bounty of vibrant fruits and veggies. The atmosphere was enhanced with acoustic folk music by Anne, Connie and Wayne, and we were treated to a little art lesson with a concrete leaf casting demonstration by Kathy Gatens! We handed out free farmers market bags to our supporters, with a special thanks to anyone who signed up for our mailing list, or offered to volunteer.

[Check out some pictures here.]

There was an incredible quantity and variety of veggies at the market, a few of the quirky types I had never seen before!

My new favorite dish:

Try sauteeing pattypan squash, diced and peeled purple kohlrabi, anaheim pepper, and red onion in a pan with a little olive oil, salt and crushed red pepper. Once this  has browned, add some chopped tomato, chopped cilantro and your choice of greens to the top of the mix (I’ve been using a lot of chard and kale recently.) Top with a lid, and let the tomatoes and greens wilt together just slightly.  Then just give it a quick mix and serve.

I have been eating this for a couple of weeks now with various types of summer squash. It is so delicious!! The pattypan squash is by far my favorite, so dense and buttery, while the kohlrabi adds another starchy texture with a “mustardy” bite that nicely enhances the otherwise mild nature of the other veggies in the melt. I am in love with summertime eats!

What are some of your favorite summer meals?


About Rachel Layman

Manager, Lemhi County Farmers' Market

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