I Think: We’re Gonna Do It Anyway…

With the recent debut of the book, “The Locavore’s Dilemma–In Praise of the 10,000-Mile Diet,” by the Canadian husband-wife writing team of Desrochers and Shimizu, the local foods movement has come under some serious scrutiny from both sides of the debate.

Here is an interview with Pierre Desrochers from Grist Magazine entitled, “Local Haterade:”

Good local food will always find a seasonal market. We don’t need a local food movement for that. The problem I have with local food activists is that they seem to want to go beyond what’s reasonable in terms of local food. 

Mr. Desrochers does make some interesting points about the local foods movement, hypothetically speaking, were the movement taken, as he puts it, “to its logical end.”

I think it is worth noting, however, that the local foods movement does not necessarily seek some ridiculous and vindictive end goal, but more pragmatically hopes to do nothing more than level the playing field among small-time local producers and enormous industrial farming operations. Not to mention the potential for preservation of genetic diversity among plant species by way of increased access to heirloom fruit and vegetable varieties.

From my own perspective, I hope to see the movement expand to simply allow our own local farmers in Lemhi County, Idaho to be paid a reasonable price for the produce they grow here, and to make the possibility of growing food for a living in this region a somewhat-less-scary notion for those who wish to do it.

I think a response to “The Locavore’s Dillemma” is summed up nicely here in “Giving Local Food the Raspberry:”

The sustainable-food movement has finally been around long enough to face its first cold front. Pickled okra, critics want the world to know, is not as desirable as sales at the Prospect Park farmers market might indicate. The most recent round of attacks has focused on local food and locavorism…

Tell me, what are your thoughts on the local foods movement, especially given the latest assertions made by Desrochers & Shimizu?


About Rachel Layman

Manager, Lemhi County Farmers' Market

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