Brian Ernst Headlines at the Farmers’ Market This Weekend

With the success of our newly formed flea market, the Lemhi County Farmers’ Market is ready to launch another project. “From Field to Table” mixed with “Know the Old Ways” we would like to share with the community tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. And this invitation is extended to everyone in the county. Nothing fancy, but a short demonstration to keep the knowledge flowing, for example how to make your own catsup or cleaning products. Share a favorite recipe with a demonstration. Something simple and easy to prepare. All of the demonstrations will be collected and made available to the public. Please watch our website or Facebook for dates and times.

Our returning guest musician for this weekend is Brian Ernst, who will be performing throughout the day. Take a look at their website The mission statement for this nonprofit states the organization is committed to helping the poor prosper through empowerment and sustainability. Their goal is to create a worldwide movement of people who dedicate themselves to helping their neighbor. Katie and Brian tour the US in their converted full sized school bus which the fuel source is waste vegetable oil. Take a tour of their veggie bus.

You can change your world and make it a better place by visiting the Lemhi County Farmer’s Market every week and supporting our local farmers and artisans. Be sure to “like” us on Facebook. If you would like more information on how you can participate in the Lemhi County Farmers’ Market or future Flea Markets, please contact market manager Julie Parker at 208.643.4581 or via email

See you at the market!


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