Weekly Advertiser for 8.1.15




Next Saturday for National Farmer’s Market week, Sweet Belly Farm will be partnering with Kenneth Smith of 9th Street Organics and his scrumptious new potatoes. We will have a plethora of recipes to take home with a bagful of fresh herbs, greens, cucumbers, potatoes, or even fun colorful hats. Later in the season look forward to more Solanaceae produce (big ripe tomatoes) from 9th Street Organics!


Here in Salmon, it certainly seems like every week is a celebration at the Lemhi County Farmer’s Market.  But with August now upon us, you can help our local producers launch the National Farmer’s Market Week this Saturday from 9am-1pm.  Swift River Farm will be there, offering a bulk sale on four different types of basil, just in time for you to fire up the food processor and make your winter’s supply of pesto.  They will also be offering 6-packs of summer squash, a delicious assortment of greens, herbs, leeks, and much more.  In addition, they will be providing simple demonstrations on how to create fun and beautiful cut flower bouquets using flowers and herbs found on the farm.  Make your own small bouquet to take home to remind you to celebrate and support our region’s local farmers.


Pete Hanson is getting into the celebration mode as well.  This week he is offering 5 pack packages of quality hamburger for just $3.29 per pound.

See you at the market!


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