National Farmers’ Market Week Ends

This coming Saturday marks the end of the National Farmers’ Market week for the Lemhi County Farmers’ Market. This past week was set aside to reminds us the importance of the farmers’ market as an outlet for agricultural producers nationwide, providing them with increased opportunities to meet for a variety of fresh, affordable, convenient and healthful products sold directly from the farm. The proclamation also notes the importance of the farmers’ market as a key element in developing and providing locally grown, sustainable fresh produce to our community. The market is a place where producer and consumer can meet and discuss the transformation of food from the field to your kitchen table.

The Lemhi County Farmers’ Market strives to meet the demands of our communities every Saturday at the Town Square Park, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, rain or shine. Market manager, Julie Parker, reminds the community that the market participates in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program as well as the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutritional Program. Look for the yellow “SNAP” signs for participating vendors. This weekend there will be a variety of demonstrations happening throughout the market so be sure to bring a chair and a small plastic container or two for samples.

You can change your world and make it a better place by visiting the Lemhi County Farmer’s Market every week and supporting our local farmers and artisans. These people are the backbone to our community. It really does make a difference to talk with the farmers and to know what their practices and techniques are for managing your food. Tower Creek Garden, Swift River Farm, Sweet Belly Farm and our own home gardeners who bring to the community that wonderful sensation that one has when you taste the freshness of that first bite. You know the sound of the “crack” of fresh carrots or the “snap” of a pea pod or string bean.
If you would like to receive the “Weekly Advertiser” noting the vendor’s specials to the community each week, or how to participate in the Lemhi County Farmers’ Market or future Flea Markets, please contact market manager Julie Parker at 208.993.1198 or or our blog

So come to the Lemhi County Farmers’ Market this weekend to help us celebrate with the nation the importance of our farmers’ markets.

See you at the market!


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