4th Annual Apple Festival

4th Annual Apple Festival
The 4th Annual Apple Festival is finally here at the Town Square Park, Saturday September 26 from 9 am through 1 pm.
We are inviting the proud bakers here in Lemhi County to bring your favorite apple pie or apple crisp to the festival for the pie contest. Competitors should bring their dish along with a $5 entry fee by 10 am to the judge’s area. Judges will declare the winners at 11 a.m. The winner takes the pot and slices of pie will be sold to benefit the 2016 Lemhi County Farmers’ Market Apple Festival. Be sure to bring your chairs to sit and listen to some wonderful music.
Sadie Barrett will be giving a presentation about the Idaho Heritage Tree Project and her efforts to preserve the genetic diversity of apple trees in the area. Fresh pressed apple cider from local apples will be available either by the gallon or bring a clean, sterilized container from home. Frozen apple cider can last for up to one year. Paul Werner will be bringing in his apples as well.
Charlie Moore is bringing his potatoes of Yukon gold, Russet, Reds, Purple Viking, Huckleberry, All Blue, and Fingerlings to the market. There is nothing like a hot baked potato covered in melted cheese towarm yourself from the inside on a cold winters day.
So bring your pies and come and enjoy breakfast with the market membership. If you missed breakfast, be sure to catch us for lunch.
If you have any questions, please call Julie Parker at 993.1198. Otherwise…….
See you at the market!

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